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This is a classic battle of Good vs Evil. This is nothing short of a takeover attempt by Marxist communist forces using

tactics not seen since pre WWII Germany. This is not about reform, but total takeover, and no one should contradict

the narrative. Just saying “All Lives Matter” is considered a repugnant statement that should be punished. No other

opinion is wanted or allowed with this political maneuver that hides behind a veil of social justice and anti-racism.

Violent and heavily armed anarchists such as Antifa, and other groups supporting them, have taken over the City

Hall of Seattle. This outrageous action has the total support of the Mayor and the Governor. This is how takeovers

start. This takeover of 6 city blocks in the center of the city is tolerated and accepted by people in power, and that

includes top brass of the Democrat Party. I view this as a trial balloon. Evil wants to take on the road across America

in an election year.

The DOW crashed 2000 points before recovering slightly this Thursday. Is this an omen of things to come, or is the

market simply telling us the economy is really not too good? A new survey says about a third of all renters are afraid

of not being able to pay the next rent payment. Does that sound healthy to you?

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