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Demand for gold delivery is exploding, and that is a big reason for the upward

price pressure. What about silver? Why is it lagging behind gold? It takes nearly

100 ounces of silver to equal 1 ounce of gold. That ratio is going to start coming

down dramatically. Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke

explains why, “JP Morgan has been accumulating all this silver and shorting

against it as a hedge, managing the price and monopolistically controlling it.

Now, the COMEX is a delivery vehicle, and people were standing for delivery. JP

Morgan was short nearly 6,000 contracts (of silver) on delivery day, and JP

Morgan had to deliver (29 million ounces of physical silver). In doing so, they

have now reduced their stockpile down to 120 million ounces of physical silver. . .

Now, JP Morgan is left with a dilemma. They can continue to play this game of

shorting or hedging . . . and run the risk of losing another 8,000 to 10,000

contracts (at 5,000 ounces per contract) and see that stockpile of physical silver

get cut again. Or, they can stand down and stop shorting. Either way, they are in

a jam. . . . If they keep shorting while there is increasing demand for delivery,

they are going to lose it all, and once they lose it all, they won’t be able to issue

anymore contracts. This is going to allow the price (of silver) to go up. If they

simply stop shorting, once again, the price of silver goes up. . . . JP Morgan may

not have a choice but to stand down. . . . The demand is going to continue to

grow. . . . JP Morgan will make $120 million for every $1 silver goes up. . . . I

think they have to stop interfering with the market. When JP Morgan stops

shorting silver, you are going to get the change to the question of why is silver

not going up?”

Hemke says there will come a time in the markets when there will be no sellers of

physical gold or silver. Then, Hemke says the price will skyrocket.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Craig

Hemke of