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Pompeo Rips CCP, Covid Spike Scam, Gold Rising By Greg Hunter’s

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ripped the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a

speech late Thursday afternoon. He dressed down party leaders on everything

from the destructive virus released from Wuhan to concentration camps. You

might remember Attorney General Barr gave a speech recently warning about

the threats from China and admonishing big U.S. tech companies bowing down

to the CCP. Whatever so-called trade deal you thought the U.S. had with China, it

is over. This is signaling bad economic times at least and all-out war at worst.

The mainstream media (MSM) is reporting that Covid cases and deaths are

spiking anew, but is that true? If the rest of the country is reporting numbers

anything like the numbers in Florida, it’s a total scam. Florida health officials are

having a hard time explaining why 100% of the tests are coming back positive

and how people who die in motorcycle accidents are counted as Covid deaths.

Oh, and a Yale epidemiologist says you could save lots of lives if you just give

them Hydroxychloroquine (and Zinc), but you don’t hear that on the evil MSM.

Gold is about $30 from all-time highs. Why? Is it because it has already hit all-

time highs in every other currency in the world? Is it because the debt creation at

the Fed and Congress has gone parabolic? Is it because we are headed for a

Greater Depression? I am going to go with all of the above.

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