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Joe Biden finally announced his running mate for the 2020 Presidential election,

and it’s Kamala Harris. Trump said Harris was his number one pick. Trumps says

she “lied” about a lot of things, and she’s “nasty.” I am not sure what Harris brings

to the ticket. She was blown out in the Democrat primaries. She was the least

favorite candidate among black voters, but Harris is somehow supposed to bring

black voters back to the Dem party. Go figure.

Attorney General William Barr said Thursday night in an unscheduled

appearance on the Sean Hannity show that he is announcing a crackdown on

violence sweeping Democrat controlled American cities such as Chicago,

Seattle, Portland, Kansas City and others. The federal action is called “Operation

Legend,” and it’s already started.

The economy finally posted unemployment initial claims below one million, but

just barely. This means stimulus is coming, and President Trump is going to

deliver with or without Democrat help from Congress. Trump is sitting on $1.8

trillion at the Treasury, and he does not need approval from Congress to spend it.

The stimulus is stalled, and the Democrats want more than $1 trillion just to

rebuild the cities they have turned into hell holes. Trump and his party say that’s

not going to happen because they don’t want the stimulus bill to be much more

than $1 trillion in total.

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