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Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan points out that inflation

is much more extreme than most people realize. Morgan explains, “If you look at

the metrics that we used in 1980 where food and energy, the two things humans

need most to survive, were not taken out of the CPI (consumer price index) and

they left that in, and we went with the same calculation, which is far more honest

that the calculation we have now, it’s a simple math problem, and $50 silver in

1980 is $600 right now. The $50 that silver hit in 2011 really didn’t buy you

anything, and certainly not what it would have bought you in 1980.”

In closing, Morgan says, “A bull market is very much like riding a bull that will

buck to try to get that rider off its back. You will see these huge moves down like

we saw this past week, 15% in one day, that will take weak hands off the bull,

and they are never going to get back on it. The main function as an investor is to

hang on to that bull all the way up to near the top of the market, and then take a

profit or whatever. So, be prepared folks. Bull markets go up and down, and you

are going to see some real scary moves up and down.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan, publisher of “The

Morgan Report.”