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The Democrat convention to nominate Joe Biden for president was a disaster.

Who are the Democrats kidding? They know full well the Joe Biden is not well

mentally and is deficient. He thinks Arizona is a city for goodness sake. It seems

everything Joe is interviewed it gets interrupted so his handlers can save his

bacon form saying incoherent and stupid things. It now looks like Jill Biden is

doing most of the public appearances. I’ll be shocked it Joe actually debates

Donald. Total disaster and the Dems know it. This is why they want cheat by


The President of Goodyear had to walk back the company’s support of Black

Lives Matter and telling its workers NOT to wear MAGA hats in support of

President Trump. Trump responded by tweeting out to his 85 million followers

NOT to BUY Goodyear. The stock price was off 6% in a single day and the CEO

Rich Kramer took it all back.

Warren Buffett buys a large stake in Barrick Gold, the second largest gold miner

in the world. Buffett says he’s buying 20 million shares because of the copper

mining in the company. No way, I say. You don’t buy the second biggest gold

miner in the world for the copper it digs up. So where do you think Buffett thinks

gold prices are going?

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