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Despite the unfairness of the debate between President Trump and former VP

Joe Biden, Trump still destroyed Dem candidate Biden. This was despite the fact

that moderator Chris Wallace was also debating President Trump on behalf of

Biden. Also, Trump’s microphone was noticeably turned down compared to

Biden and Wallace. There is no doubt about this as you can go back and listen to

it and measure it on a meter. This is too stupid to be stupid, and it is simply a

dirty trick to try subtly minimize Trump in the debate. There is also speculation

that Biden got the questions ahead of time and that he had help by wearing an

earpiece and special contact lenses that would act as a teleprompter. This may

or may not be true, but who cares. Trump won and Biden got beat.

Democrats know they are losing and losing badly. Black voters are switching to

the GOP and so are Hispanic voters in record numbers. This is why we have the

in-your-face vote-by-mail cheating scams. It is also why the DNC and MSM are

constantly making up false stories about how Trump is a racist. The Dems also

know that polls for independent voters show about 70% of them are turning to

Trump and the Republican Party. It all boils down to no cheating will mean no

victory for Dems in November. So, they cheat and cheat big or lose big.

The Democrats in the House have passed a new stimulus bill with zero

Republican support. Good luck getting it passed thought the Senate as it was

only a partisan attempt by Nancy Pelosi who was criticized by members of her

own party for not getting bipartisan support. Without a new stimulus bill, there will

be more layoffs as restaurants, airlines and other impaired businesses struggle

to gain traction.

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