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It’s official, there will be no more debates unless Joe Biden decides to take on

the President in person. The so-called “Presidential Debate Commission” now

says the next debate should be virtual, and President Trump said no way. The

Trump campaign says, “Swamp creatures . . . to now rush to Joe Biden’s

defense by universally cancelling an in-person debate is pathetic.” President

Trump says he will “do a rally instead” now that he has been cured of Covid and

released by his doctors.

The Vice Presidential Debate is now history. Who won? It’s hard to tell. Harris

went on the attack early and often and looks like she tied up Pence with the

phrase “I am speaking,” even though she didn’t really say much. She pushed

identity politics and systemic racism issues of the Left. Harris did not answer

direct questions about packing the Supreme Court with far Left Marxist liberals if

the Biden Harris team won. Pence, on the other hand, scored some points about

economic policy, destroying ISIS and continued tax cuts. Pence missed some

opportunities to hit up Harris over $ 1.5 billion in China payoffs to Hunter Biden

and did not tag her for the violence encouraged by her party that never spoke out

about burning down cities around the country. Pence won, and the only thing the

Dems can talk about is “I am speaking,” which ain’t going to win an election.

Another 840,000 people filed for unemployment claims in the latest numbers to

come out of the Department of Labor. The stimulus deal looks dead as the

President has broken off talks because he says Speaker Pelosi is “not

negotiating in good faith.” Trump does have some options to continue

unemployment payments, but a stimulus deal would be much better to get the

economy back to work.

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