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More bad news for the Biden crime family hit this week when it was discovered

there is an active FBI criminal investigation into “Hunter Biden and associates” in

what is now an obvious influence peddling scheme that has been going on for

many years. Emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop and whistleblowers confirm that

Joe Biden is taking part in this action. The bigger story is the mainstream media

(MSM) is either ignoring it or passing it off as, wait for it, more Russian

disinformation. Of course, this is a huge lie, and all the information that has been

released so far has been totally confirmed by multiple U.S. government sources.

The MSM has reduced itself to a DNC propaganda machine to protect Joe Biden

and help him defeat Donald Trump. They are now outright making up stories with

zero backup or sources calling the Hunter Biden revelations a “smear campaign.”

This is a huge crime to misinform the public and not tell them before a

Presidential Election that candidate Joe Biden is compromised and sold out to

multiple enemies of America. The MSM is complicit in treason, in my mind.

There is good news and more bad news in the economy. The GDP is up a record

33%, and it looks like Trump has America heading in the right direction. The bad

news is another 775,000 people filed for unemployment last week, and simply

not enough jobs are being created to put America back to work in bigger


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