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Good morning, I’m still reporting on Energy Armageddon.

Sometimes you can just see something coming, especially if you have covered a

particular topic for a long time.

Texas’s power troubles were as predictable as the morning sunrise, but it took a

very unusual confluence of negative events to bring the horrible consequences

we now see playing out on one of the least deserving violators of energy

common sense in the nation.

But California is wayyyy overdue and literally living on borrowed time. The fires of

the last two fire seasons showed us how easy it is to interrupt the electricity

flowing to your home – especially if you live in the Golden State. Under the cloud

of confusion which is the current green energy climate, California has waayyy

overshot common-sense energy mixes that will eventually lead to civilization

grinding to a halt.

For example, let’s take a close look at three cities in Los Angeles County that

have wisely prepared for the coming energy crisis years ago, but the greenies

are destroying their prudent preparation with nonsense greenish regulations and

legislation that are short sighted and without doubt self-destructive.

Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank jointly own a significant portion of a coal

burning plant in Utah, the State legislature has mandated it be phased out in a

given number of years.