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February 23rd 2022


THEIR OWN CAPITAL! Graphic Content !


Every single elected official in Canada and every single Media outlet in #Canada

have a little blood on their hands today. #JustinTrudeau #ChrystiaFreeland

#Mendocino #JagmeetSingh #LizMay #TimHouston and many others may very

well be guilty by ignorance, guilty by omission…of #CrimesAgainstHumanity !


On February 18th 2022, we saw #Veterans man-handled, assaulted and kicked

while dragged through the snow.

We saw Dads pulled out of their trucks in front of their children.

We saw Canadians assaulted by police, struck with the butt end of guns.

We saw Veterans vilified, abused, assaulted by their very Government

We also saw #RCMP #Officers on #Horseback STOMP Canadians, injure a

woman in a wheelchair and sent people to Hospital….for #BouncyCastles

#HotTubs #OCanada #Prayer #Love and #Unity !!!

On February 19th 2022, well, this video tells the tale.

May God help us!!....and I THINK HE IS !!


#Kettling #FreedomConvoy #Trudeau #CrimesAgainstHumanity

#Tyranny #ConvoyForFreedom #CanadaConvoy #Convoy