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BREAKING: DOJ to Indict key DC Actors - some sources are stating even before

the November election as vicious Barr hearing backfires on Democrats. Many of

the House Committee member Democrats tried their best to denigrate, bully &

shame a calm & reposed Bill Barr at House Hearing on Tuesday. It backfired.

InspoNews sources at DOJ also reports that in fact there are key indictments

coming on key bad State actors of the "Crossfire Hurricane" probe where Barr

charges that ILLEGAL spying & political surveillance took place. This involves

both socialist Dems and globalist, GOP RINOs.

We all heard this time & again that past 3+ years. Maybe this time it will prove to

be a reality.


A new revelation taken from the Bill Barr hearings was the confirmation of a

serious independent probe going out of the conservative US Attorney's office in

Texas. Apparently much progress has been made toward the indictment &

prosecution of Obama Administration officials & cabinet members as well as 'top

level" personnel from the FBI & Intel agencies etc. after the under the radar

apportionment of rule of law/conservative firebrand John Bash. This appointment

was announced by Bill Barr to Rep. Jim Jordan last Tuesday. John Bash has

been in that position since May of 2020 as John Durham continues his own

separate probe as well.

Time will tell.