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BREAKING ALERT: In this report we play the full Trump visit & conference in

Democrat riot zone Kenosha WI. Learn here Bill Barr's plan to the STOP RIOTS

soon & permanently. Our sources at the DOJ looking at some of the recent

private & public statements of nasty Kamala Harris - specially, her dangerous

language, directives and encouragement for the riotous protesters of BLM &

Marxist anarchist ANTIFA thugs (her & Biden's voters) to continue the riots

before and after the election on November 3rd. "Do not give America rest" she


Her public attacks on our Republic began last June when she warned on late

night TV that "these protesters are not going away - be warned America "she


Now some in the law enforcement community in DC are even calling for an

investigation which could lead to an indictment & arrest for her violating 18 US

Code no. 2102 INCITING A RIOT - a Federal crime & felony. No public figure

should ever seditiously use their public trust & position in government to call for

the systemic destruction of our great Country and Constitutional Republic.