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HAIRGATE: Nasty Nancy Pelosi public response forces Erica' Kious's Hair Salon

to close. Erica also received hate email & texts - her very life threatened by BLM

& ANTIFA thugs. Even the President had to check in on this cat fight.

Also, FOX's Jennifer Griffen ambushes Trump "Megyn Kelly" style regarding

slanderous remarks made by a former administration officials supposedly about

derogatory remarks the President made in France about our soldiers. As with

Megyn's 2016 FOX NEWS ambush, it was all a malicious LIE trying to attack the

President in one of his great strengths - his love for our military.

But in the end truth is the best defense and the President will overcome all these

vicious attacks with a landslide victory on November 3rd 2020. Thank God that

the American people still have common sense!