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Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington ties Bill Gates, CV19 and

climate engineering together, and it is an ominous thing. Wigington explains,

“The world’s second most recognized climate engineer, Dr. Ken Caldiera . . . we

have him on record stating one of the jobs he did for the Department of Defense

(DOD) was to design ways to spray pathogens into clouds to effect the

populations below. . . . Who does he work for now? He works for Bill Gates. We

have peer reviewed studies that CV19 has been found on atmospheric particles.

When you look at the uniformity of how this was spread around the globe, they

had to be aerosol dispersion. It was too uniform and spread too quickly. . . . You

can’t hide from needing to breathe air. If this is being dispersed, how do we hide

from that? We have these characters working together, and what kind of a picture

does that paint? This is weather warfare. It’s bio warfare, and it’s an all-out

assault. . . . Those in power have long stated that there are too many people on

the planet. . . . We better face this picture squarely now because we are rapidly

running out of time.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate

researcher Dane Wigington, founder of