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THE DEBATES: Kamala's body language. KH & Pelosi are good ole Communist-

"American" plants set to destroy our great Nation BREAKING: COMMUNIST



Mike Pence wins the debates big league but his concise & truthful words about

China bomb virus is blacked out in China.. Meanwhile, Nasty Nancy goes COUP-

COUP with Kommie Kamala and will be holding a "Press Conference" this

morning to try and prove that the President should be removed from office cuz

he's on a steroid after shedding and beating the Corona virus. What a nutcase

fake charge at the same level as the fake Mueller witch hunt, the slanderous fake

Impeachment, blaming the President for all the China virus related deaths, the

race riots and now this. This is obviously an attempt to destroy our courts by

packing them with Socialist activist judges, destroying our Senate, adding 2

corrupt socialist states (DC & PR), destroying our Electoral College etc.

This is an outright Marxist attack on our Republic and it must be stopped. The

fraudulent mail in free for all balloting is another way to rip out Constitution from

our hands and burns our great Republic to the ground.

Most everyday Americans & their Federal, State & local leaders seem to refuse

to acknowledge the real danger to our Republic Democrat neo-Bolsheviks as if

they were afraid of being labeled a "McCarthyite or conspiracy nut" etc.). Not

InspoNews. We call it like it is & tell you like it is. May I RPEAT - Kommie Kamala

is cheered on in Red China by Supreme CCP Leader Xi who denigrates our First

Lady & our good President regarding their contracting THEIR China bomb bio

terror virus.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence wins the debate but CCP in China CENSORS his TV

appearance in the debates. Go figure. Folks, we have real Communists in our

government trying to gain the White House. Can't happen!