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Crazy Mazie Hirono & Amy Klobuchar team up to attack Judge Amy Barrett.

Listen to Senator Amy Klobuchar 'stalk' or "track" the judges exemplary judicial

record by weirdly using a "following her deer tracks in the snow analogy. " Bizarre

lines of reasoning by both of these Trump hatting lefties.

Senator Mazie Hirono then piles on by asking a ridiculous question as to whether

or not Judge Amy Barrett was ever charged or settled out of court - a sexual

assault case brought against the good judge.

There were no basis for either of their strange comments and its seems as if

these two were simply trying to be cruel & to embarrass Amy Barrett in front of

her family & our Nation.

Despite being so maligned and falsely & maliciously prosecuted by women with

evil intent, she comported herself well showing patience, repose, courtesy and

Christian virtue in the dace of the unfair Democratic onslaught.

Prayers up for Amy Coney Barrett as she most certainly will be confirmed net

week and by a full vote of the Senate on October 22nd 2020.

But especially prayers and hard work ahead for the re-election of Donald J.

Trump & Mike Pence. If Biden -Kamala get in the White House they will add 3-5

new left wing Justices to the 9 ( Court Packing) and nullify the addition of Amy

Barrett as a Conservative voice on the highest Court in the Land. This could lead

the destruction of our Republic as we have known it for over 200 years.

GOD bless America.


Federico Cardella