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BREAKING: Mikey always has other people do his dirty work. ALWAYS. In the

case of stabbing Mike Flynn (he was caught by Assange email intercept) he used

Obama. Susan Rice, McCain & Comey to destroy DOD Intel chief Mike Flynn so

they could get to Trump). Now for Mike & mother Karen's ambitions for 2024, he

is utilizing the silver tongue smoothie pretender to the heights of all American

Christian conservatism - NIKKI HALEY. Heaven help us all.

Yes, here she goes again - whoring & back stabbing (with great skill & subtle

duplicity - with epic & inglorious sleight of hand, Donald John Trump again. Gee

wizz. When will this crap ever stop? But even more spitefully then 2016 Nikki's

wordsmithing is even more sharp edged as she seeks to forever politically &

pelvically eviscerate Donald John Trump one final time. .She did this even

though Trump tried to befriend her & appointed her as UN Ambassador. But so

didn't all this other nasty biddies from the hood that Donald was so kind &

generous to help in their dram careers etc. & ad nauseum. - including the

venomous infamous OMAROSA.


THE D.C. FOOD CHAIN: So nothing changes with this woman. NIKKI the

MONSTER - this alien female predator who mimics Christian conservatism and

nationalism when she is in fact, a Wonderful Sikh , who hails from the city of

mimics, Bollywood India (We love the Indian people but she should she stop

pretending to be something she is not) The fact remains that Nikki reeks of

nauseating fake self righteousness & arrogance as she and Pence set their eyes

on the Throne.


I mean, her show of loyalty & kindness is about as sincere as creepy Joe & Jill

Biden's hokie display of luvy unity hearts on the White House lawn we had to

watch all week.

But why attack Trump on the same day of his momentous acquittal? Why play

the Nancy Pelosi line? Evidently, this RINOSAURS are (all high on HOPIUM) are

fantasying that they can return the GOP to "moderate" NAFTA- TPP, OPEN

BORDERS , KILL US jobs , globalist New World Order ,George Bush GOP brand

of fake patriot conservatism. Heck even the "Turtle old quadruple chinned Mitch

McConnell had to jump in on the act by encouraging a prosecution of Trump in

"other venues."

Pro LBGTQ, pro life (but only in the last trimester) Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney

Republicans are the scourge of all that is WRONG with the GOP and America.

The reality is, MAGA America First folks (who make up some 75 to 80% of the

GOP - are not going back.

She needs to join the Lincoln Project instead- maybe she can replace that kook

George Conway there.

Also in this report - more on the acquittal of Donald Trump SECOND FARCE,


WING SUUROGATES OF SOROS, Kamala & BIDEN (in that order).

Also in this report, see Nancy Pelosi pout and spew more hate and venom

toward truly conservative, Christian Senators (Such as Josh Hawley)

I mean the fact is, all these crazy, duplicitous Democrat traitors and fake

conservative Neocon globalist RINO Republicans are all in a rage today at the

prospect of a DONALD TRUMP COMEBACK. Bur don't they know that real

Americans love comeback stories- especially when the person in question was

INNOCENT and JUST to begin with! Yep. Donald Trump is circling back with a

righteious posse and call from heaven to help reestablish law & justice again in

our great nation.

Nikki Haley & Mike Pence 24 - ticket attacks Trump the day of his 2nd Acquittal.

Geesh again!