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Good evening, I’m still reporting on Uncle Joe.

Joe Biden is known for making bizarre statements, calling someone a “Lying dog-

faced, pony soldier,” would be enough to end some political careers, but Uncle

Joe is absolutely worshipped by the mainstream media, so it gets laughed off as

Uncle Joe being Uncle Joe.

Even the fact that he is way too touchy feely with women of all ages, is ok

according to the mainstream media. The fact that Uncle Joe likes to smell the

hair of women or girls as the case may be, could be considered creepy by some,

but it’s just Uncle Joe, being Uncle Joe.

However, Creepy Uncle Joe made a statement at his Town Hall on CNN that is

way out there anyway you interpret it. Biden said that he had been in the Oval

Office more than hundred times, “But I had never been up in the residence.”

The obvious answer which is really scary is that Biden didn’t remember ever

being in the White House residence.