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Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Although Impeachment 2.0 of former President Donald Trump didn’t come close

to convicting Trump, it would have been interesting to see how the Democrats

would have tried to enforcement such a conviction since Trump had already left

office. Of course, what they were really after was they are still so scared of

Trump they would love to deny him the right to ever hold office again.

Had that happened there would have certainly been a constitutional challenge to

impeaching a private citizen, something the Constitution doesn’t consider.

Perhaps some Democrats are so filled with the Trump Derangement Syndrome

that they actually believed they could get 17 Republican Senators to vote to

convict Trump. But those with clearer heads, had to know the chance of getting

67 votes in the Senate to convict a president for giving a speech they didn’t like,

particularly a president who had already left office, was minuscule at best.

In other words, the idea behind the impeachment was not to remove Trump from

office - something that couldn’t be done. It was a purely political move meant to

embarrass Trump and more importantly the Republican Party, and actually drive

a wedge between pro and anti-Trumpers.

The Democrats knew this and there was never any question that there would be

50 votes in the Senate to convict Trump. All of the analysis leading up to the vote

was about how many Republicans would vote to convict, there was no

consideration that the Democrats didn’t have the votes of all 50 Democratic

Senators locked in before the House Impeachment Managers presented what

they called evidence.