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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

If you believe in the Pelosi version of the Jan. 6th Capitol riot, you have to be a

firm believer in coincidences, because the attack on the US Capitol Building had

a boat-load of them.

Was it just a coincidence that the FBI knew about the planned assault on the

Capitol, but didn’t think it was important enough to either contact the Capitol

Police directly, or send federal law enforcement officers to the Capitol to assist

the Capitol Police?

According to reports, the Capitol Police Chief thought something was up what

with thousands of protestors planning to march on the Capitol Building, but

couldn’t get, or didn’t ask for authorization to get help from the National Guard or

other law enforcement agencies before hand?

Why didn’t the Capitol Police put up real barricades, instead of using bike racks.

Don’t they own real barracades for riots?