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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Conservative media sites celebrate every time there is another huge gaff from

Uncle Joe. But there is no reason to celebrate. All it proves is that the Democrats

who are behind the scenes calling the shots are devious, clever and fooled the

American people.

They took a big chance not having Uncle Joe out on the campaign trail. It could

have backfired. Hillary Clinton didn’t campaign much in 2016, but the Biden

campaign made Hillary’s look like a whirlwind of activity.

Of course, the Democrats knew that they could count on the mainstream media

to provide more cover than would seem humanly possible or – better put - less


Day after day, Uncle Joe did nothing but hang out in his basement. They tried

doing some basement campaign videos, but after a couple it was clear that

Uncle Joe wasn’t up to it. After that, only the inner circle really knows how the

Democratic presidential candidate spent his time. He doesn’t look like a video

game kind of guy, but maybe he played Pong.