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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Biden, in his 23 minutes speech on Thursday, March 11 was betting on the

ignorance of the American people and for those who get their news from the

mainstream media, Biden certairly hit a homerun with the MSM with all the talk of

what he had done to get people vaccinated.

Biden left out a lot facts and one of those is the fact that vaccines cannot be

produced overnight. It was taking 110 days to produce a dose of the vaccine, the

goal is to get that down to 60 days.

Biden has been president less than 60 days and far less than 110 days which

means that all the vaccines now being distributed were ordered while Donald

Trump was president. The vaccines were in fact only available because Trump

set up a system where the companies producing the vaccines would start

production before the vaccines had final approval. This was a huge risk and

could have cost the American government billions of dollars, because to get the

production underway before the vaccines were approved, Trump had to agree to

pay for the vaccines whether they got final approval or not. The companies

themselves were not going to take the risk of producing millions of doses of

vaccines that then had to be destroyed.

Now let’s set aside for a minute the fact that by definition, these vaccines have

no long-term safety or efficacy data. By definition, Trump had a tough choice -

get something out there so we could save millions of American small businesses

– or be lambasted all the more for letting people die at the hands of COVID. Of

course uncounted are those who are losing their lives for lack of work.