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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Vice President Kamala Harris -since her inauguration - has been living at The

Blair House which is the official guest house for the White House. Foreign heads

often stay there when making a call on the president. Queen Elizabeth has

stayed there.

It’s across the street from the White House and reportedly is like being the only

guest in a five star hotel.

The question is why hasn’t Harris moved to the Vice Presidential mansion which

is about two and half miles from the White House in northwest Washington DC. It

is on the grounds of the Naval Observatory and was originally the home for the

supervisor of the Naval Observatory.

Walter Mondale was the first Vice President to live in the Vice Presidential

Mansion. It was available for Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, but when he

was vice president under President Gerald Ford, Rockefeller chose to live in his

own house. No doubt because it was nicer.

Vice President Mike Pence lived in the Vice Presidential mansion until Jan. 20 of

this year and it was announced that the house would be undergoing some

renovations so Vice President Harris would stay at the Blair House, that was

almost two months ago.

One has to assume that the house was suitable for Pence and his family. There

were not reports of ceilings falling or floors caving in. So why does it take so long

to do minor renovations. One would think that since the government had from

November to January 20 to plan for the renovations that as soon as Pence

moved out, the crews would have come in and gotten the work done.