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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

It will come as no surprise to this audience to say that the left still controls the

levers of media power in the United states.

The crisis along the southern border is the best recent example.

You could call it a catastrophe, debacle, crisis, disaster, fiasco or your choice of

word that means things are really messed up.

The White House calls it a “challenge” which is a great word for the White House

because challenge has none of the negative connotations of disaster,

catastrophe or even crisis which is pretty mild. A challenge doesn’t mean you

made any mistakes, just that it is a difficult situation, not a more accurate

description which would indicate a difficult situation of your own making.

Demonstrating just how much power the Democratic Party has over the

mainstream media, the term the Associated Press is using for the situation at the

border where the facilities for children are operating way over capacity, where the

number of people crossing the border illegally which means not at a border

crossing is increasing exponentially, the word that AP uses for that is “challenge”

exactly the same as the White House. The Border Patrol is currently housing

over 15,500 unaccompanied children and that is a challenge not a crisis.

We were not in on that Zoom call or maybe it was just a group text message that

went out to all the top news editors and producers in the country that said, “The

current situation at the border is a “challenge.””

It’s incredible how low the news business has fallen. There was a time within

human memory when an edict from on high like that would have resulted in

writers and editors across the country using any word but challenge. The big

guys would have all sent teams of reporters and editors to the border to write

long detailed exposés about just how terrible the situation was, because they

were not going to be told what to write or what word to use to describe a


But those editors and producers are all dead, retired, or desperately trying to

make it to retirement and at this point in their career would report that the

emperor’s clothes were gloriously beautiful, if that is what the emperor wanted.