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The people of the world are sick and tired of being set against each other by powerful criminals who want us divided so they can continue to rape, steal from and exploit us.

Currently the gravest threat to the world is the corrupt mainstream media… and now the big tech giants of the Internet Social Media!



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i have a few pieces of great news, in short the deep state cabal is currently being

taken down, inside a divine PLAN which many nations are contributing, the ever

given was holding some very important, very valuable contents which they

wanted to use to take out humanity, good news is the cargo was seized and

destroyed, also we have verified facts backing up Q's post from over 3 years

ago, where did that 1.8 billion go, the 1.8 billion that was supposed to go to Iran,

which in my opinion was a payoff, Obama was busted and they have the proof,

also Covid was a BS hoax and never existed,