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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

So if you were a Joe Biden, what’s the best way to deflect media attention away

from the ever-growing revelations of the family’s Chinese communist


How about trying to use the old smoke & mirrors trick by attempting to

reinvigorate the Russia collusion delusion? I mean, for it being as weak as it was,

it actually worked quite well to prevent any of the MSM from accidentally

wandering into real truthful reporting for 4 years or more. Today, it’s still the path

with the highest probability of success available to team Biden, and it works well

for several reasons.

This morning, the following story broke about 8 am. With all the smoke and heat

about the Dems’ Supreme Court packing legislation tonight, this foreign policy

story will not receive the important coverage that it deserves.

Here are two graphs from the New York Times’ coverage from just an hour ago -

5 pm, April 15th - on the big Biden crackdown on Russia. Stick with me, the

payoff is in the last sentence.

“In an executive order, Mr. Biden announced a series of additional steps —

sanctions on 32 entities and individuals for disinformation efforts and for carrying

out Moscow’s interference in the 2020 presidential election. Ten Russian

diplomats, most of them identified as intelligence operatives, were expelled from

the Russian Embassy in Washington. The United States also joined with

European partners to impose sanctions on eight people and entities associated

with Russia’s occupation of Crimea.”

“For the first time, the U.S. government squarely placed the blame for the

hacking, known as SolarWinds, on the Kremlin, saying it was masterminded by

the S.V.R., one of the Russian intelligence agencies that was also involved in the

intrusion of the Democratic National Committee six years ago. The finding

comports with the findings of private cybersecurity companies.”

So, as you can see, this story is also being twisted to place – once again – the

blame for the DNC hack on Russia, Russia, Russia. And as I’ve said many times

before, this is patently false until or unless you can disprove Bill Binney’s

scientific findings that the DNC hack definitely came from within the eastern time

zone of the United States, according to the metadata attached to every file.

In addition, the download speeds available in Washington, DC at that time

weren’t even close to that exhibited by the metadata. The downloads from the

DNC server could only have been achieved by someone inside the DNC building

– preferably inside the DNC data center of their headquarters building, according

to Mr. Binney. Seth Rich, being a DNC Data Center Manager, was one of the few

with access to that data center.

By the way, Mr. Binney will be our first guest on our Friday night livestream

tomorrow night at 7pm, and we’ll ask him to elaborate on this topic.


So, the New York Times story continues the deep state narrative that Seth Rich

had nothing to do with the material that later ended up being released by

WikiLeaks. No, the NYT continues to broadcast the deceptive version of

available facts, concluding once again that it was those evil Russians - and

nevermind about those silly little Chinese.

The truth is that the United States needs to forge a loose-knit working alliance

with Russia in order to have any chance of holding the fast-coming Chinese

world hegemony at bay.

The U.S. and Russia are natural allies and have been for a long time – before

the 1917 communist coup in Russia and going back at least to the U.S. Civil War.

It was Russia that helped Abraham Lincoln survive the Civil War in 1863 by

docking the Russian Atlantic fleet in New York City and the Pacific fleet in San

Francisco at a time when France and England were considering coming to the

aid of the Confederacy. Why? This is one of the untold stories of the U.S. Civil

War. Because England and France were at that time the two world super powers.

It was in their geo-political interest to weaken the United States – permanently

split it in two if possible, thereby neutralizing its growing economic and industrial

power, and leaving the two of them to fight it out for world domination.

Is this some wild conspiracy theory? According to historian Tom Delahaye, in his

book, “The Bilateral Effect of the Visit of the Russian Fleet in 1863”:

“In 1863, during the American Civil War, the Russian Navy's Atlantic and Pacific

fleets wintered in the American ports of New York and San Francisco,

respectively. “Some historians credit this visit as a major factor in deterring

France and the UK from entering the war on the Confederate side.”


With the exception of the communist takeover of Russia in 1917 which lasted

until Christmas Day, 1971 – 52 years in total - the U.S. and Russia have been

natural allies at least since the U.S. Civil War – both interested in their own

national sovereignties and opposed to world hegemony – by any nation.

And although little known outside mil...