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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

I love the word “hegemony”. It expresses a meaning that no other word really

has. Plus, it’s meaning is absolutely vital in today’s world if this nation is going to

survive and thrive as a Constitutional Republic.

The dictionary meaning is “dominance of one state or nation over another.” But it

also means that the dominant group, or hegemon, gains sufficient control over

other nations because they perceive that the hegemon will eventually win – not

because the hegemon already has dominance by pure force. So hegemony is a

hidden, or not-yet realized dominance.

This is the case with the world’s only fast-rising major super-power – code-

named – “communist dishware nation”, or CDN.

In a story in the Epoch Times – and remember, the Epoch Times needs your

subscription to stay alive as they have been banned – just as President Trump --

from major social media platforms for printing the truth concerning the ongoing

Low-intensity conflict – known as LIC – which was implemented by the CDN

many years ago.

To subscribe, click this link below which they created exclusively for this


Now to return to hegemony. Hegemony occurs as the next step past the “tipping

point”. We are at that tipping point now, and that’s why it’s so important to the

minions of Satan to try to keep the American media focused on Russia, Russia,


Yes, Russia is not insignificant. Yes, they are massing military on the Ukranian

border. Yes, they are determined to secure their only ice-free, deep-water naval

base in Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula – which Russia re-took from

Ukraine in 2014.

With the weakest president in U.S. history in office, there is no telling what

Russia will try to do. But whatever that is, it pales in importance to what the CDN

has already done and it’s power is still growing by leaps and bounds.

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger, appeared before at

a Congressional hearing yesterday - the U.S./China Economic and Security

Review Commission - to explain the stark facts of the successful ongoing low

intensity conflict that has been underway for decades now.

“Beijing intends to decrease China’s dependency on the world while making the

world increasingly dependent on China—and then use the resulting leverage to

advance Beijing’s authoritarian political aims around the globe.”

Pottinger talked about the CDN’s new 5-year plan, just approved last month. He

said that CDN’s long-term strategy since they joined the World Trade

Organization in 2001, has actually been to “offensively decouple” from the world,

but on their own terms.

In other words, they want to completely independent from any pressure that a

future U.S. President could possibly bring on them as they approach the tipping

point over into global hegemony. According to Pottinger’s testimony yesterday:

“The thing that scares them, that gives them night sweats, is the fear that at

some point, we might pull the plug on their ability to gain so much access to our

cutting edge technology.”

Pottinger suggested that one of the things the U.S. could still do would be to limit

the flow of U.S. money into the CDN’s military-industrial complex.

A recent analysis by the Commerce Department shows that U.S. public and

private equity investments in CDN- and Hong Kong-domiciled companies from

1992 through the end of 2020 totaled $2.3 trillion in market value.

According to Pottinger:

“Somehow, Wall Street missed the memo that Beijing is waging an existential

fight whose objective is ‘the eventual demise of capitalism and the ultimate

victory of socialism’ to quote Chairman Xi.”

President Trump banned U.S. investments into CDN companies owned or

controlled by the regime’s military. Pottinger suggested that Congress should

pass a law to buttress Trump’s executive order and expand it to include dozens

of entities that have been added to the Commerce Department’s trade blacklist

over national security or human rights concerns.

At the same hearing yesterday, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s policy advisor

on the CDN, Miles Yu, warned of how the CDN now actively pressures American

companies to conform to their will by either allowing, or shutting down access of

imported American products to their markets. According to Yu:

“They use market access to absolutely mold the behavior of these big

companies, and make them sort of subjugated to the Chinese demand.”

Yu went on to explain that in private settings the big American CEOs would

complain bitterly about the CDN’s use of restrictions to their markets, but:

“In a private setting, they exploded with complaints against the Chinese

government’s re...