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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

To all the American haters out there, this is what it took to build this mighty nation

that you are trying to destroy in your spare time -- when you aren’t smokin weed.

Lemme tell you, our time on this planet is sooo short. You’ll never realize it until

you get to be my age – then you’ll regret and wish you had listened to the

wisdom of the aged in your youths.

America wasn’t just born rich and strong. It was built by people who worked hard

– not just for themselves to benefit – but worked hard and sacrificed much for the

common good. Americans became famous for taking risks to maintain their


Today, April 17th, 1942, we – do not exactly celebrate – but we can

commemorate – a single day where a handful of brave Americans risked it all for

the common good. Yes, they killed a lot of innocent Japanese that day, but it was

the only way to turn back the tide of a voracious Japanese military that was allied

with Hitler to take over their half of the world – the Pacific half and permanently

enslave us.

On April 17th, 1942, the aircraft carrier USS Hornet steamed West across the

Pacific, several 100 miles from Japan.

Lashed to its deck were 16 B-25 bombers-- planes that never before launched

from a carrier on a combat mission. Their secret target: Tokyo.

In the four months after Pearl Harbor, japan's forces had surged across the

Pacific. The Japanese were confident their nation was safe from attack.

Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle and 79 other airmen were determined to

prove them wrong with a surprise air attack from the sea. It was almost a suicide

mission. They knew they would not have enough fuel to return to the Hornet so

they planned to land in China after dropping their bombs. Early on April 18th, a

Japanese patrol boat spotted the task force. And Doolittle realized he must

launch earlier than planned. His airmen had spent months training but had never

taken off in the midst of a howling storm. Doolittle got his plane off the pitching

deck first and into the air, with the other B 25s following.

The bombers roared toward Japan, just 20 feet above the waves to avoid

detection. The attack was a complete surprise. Many Japanese waved as the

bombers flew overhead, not dreaming they could be American aircraft. The

raiders quickly dropped their bombs on Tokyo and other targets and sped away.

Doolittle and his crews continued towards China, where they crash landed or

parachuted from their planes as they ran out of fuel. One bomber landed in

Russia. Most of the men eventually made it home.


The audacious did little physical damage, but it stunned the Japanese. News of

Jimmy Doolittles “30 seconds over Tokyo electrified Americans and helped turn

the tide of the war in the Pacific.

After the Japanese surrendered, they became friends with the United states

thanks to the very favorable treatment provided by the Americans.

And now China has become a communist revolutionary nation -- no longer

interested in the sovereignty of their nation and other nations, only interested in

the raw acquisition of power and world domination.

The point of this little story is that throughout history, the most noteworthy

Americans have been what’s called rugged individualists. We want to live in a

free nation so that we can live out our destiny the way we think is best.

We don’t like coercive governments telling us what to do – like forcing us to wear

slave masks as a symbol of our compliance to state power – and we are willing

to make huge sacrifices in order to secure the future of such a nation – even if

means our untimely death.

The same goes for the characters of nation states. In order to keep our world out

of the grip of the dictatorial minions of satan, we have to insist on a rugged

individualism of nation states. It’s called sovereignty. Nation states need to not

give up their power to centralized trans-national entities. Internally, nations need

to deconsolidate power to the greatest possible extent which is possible. They

need their own sovereign money systems, their own economic systems and free

and fair elections so that their inhabitants – not some oligarch – have at least

some portion of the power.

Competition in political systems and economic systems is as healthy for nations

as it is among individuals. Allowing competitions, allows incentive-driven

societies. Without such incentives, humanity would never improve – humanity

can only devolve into the law of the jungle – where might makes right.

Artificially handcuffing incentive-driven societies brings bad outcomes to every

single person on this planet, including life devolving into only a binary choice,

perpetual servitude and slavery; or perpetual war.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.