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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has started his campaign for the 2024

presidential election.

Maybe he’ll announce that Dr. Tony Fauci is going to be his running mate, it

would make good political sense because Trump supporters dislike Fauci almost

as much as Pence.

Stepping back into the political game, indicates that Pence thought that at least a

few million people who voted for the Trump-Pence ticket were actually voting for

Pence. Maybe there was someone other than Pence and presumably his wife

who voted for Trump-Pence because of Pence, but my guess is you could count

them on the fingers of one hand.

Most of the time Pence did his job as vice president well because constitutionally

the job of the Vice President is to sit around and wait for a call that the president

has died, been killed or is otherwise incapacitated. There is no indication that

Pence didn’t do this sitting around with the stern face and lack of humor with

which he did everything else.

But when push came to shove and Trump needed someone to cover his back,

Pence instead turned his back on Trump repeatedly, and that’s putting it nicely.

According to Pence, his only job as vice president in counting the electoral votes

was to open the envelopes. If the Founding Fathers had simply wanted the

envelopes opened, any clerk or able-bodied person off the street with a letter

opener or knife could have done it.

When he was Vice President Thomas Jefferson, who was in fact one of the

Founding Fathers, had a very different view of the job of the vice president in

counting electoral votes. Jefferson made himself president by deciding to count

electoral votes that were clearly invalid. Jefferson, as vice president, made them

valid and according to the Constitution, there was no one who could challenge

his decision. The Founding Fathers were big into checks and balances and this

was one final check on the electoral votes, it was not simply to accept whatever

he was given and open it.

It would have been extremely controversial for Pence to do the job he was

assigned to do by the US Constitution, so rather than take an action that would

be controversial, he decided to duck and run.

Pence chose to betray the man who had elevated him to the vice presidency.

Perhaps Pence thought that Trump had not given him enough authority, didn’t

have lunch with him often enough or was upset by Trump’s Tweets and decided

to get back at him.

Politicians have a few things in common and one of them is an over-inflated ego.


Pence clearly believes he has some kind of national following, but it’s hard to see

where he’s going to get it. Without the support of Trump, Pence falls into the

nobody class. Democrats aren’t going to support Pence because he was Trump’s

vice president. Republican Trump supporters aren’t going to support Pence,

because he failed to come through the one time he had in four years to do

something useful and support his president.

But that doesn’t mean nobody will support Pence, there are a few Trump hating


Republicans out there who will jump on the Pence bandwagon, Rep. Liz Cheney

comes to mind. Of course, Cheney’s polling numbers are so bad in Wyoming

right now, hers might be the only vote Pence would get in that state.

Either the Pence-Fauci, or Pence-Cheney would sweep the Trump hating

Republican voters all across the country.


I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.