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Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.

As it turns out, we were right.

What we previously surmised from watching videos of the violent mob that

attacked the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 is right on target.

According to an official internal investigation of the Capitol Police response to the

mob on Jan. 6 which is classified but The New York Times was allowed to see,

what happened, was what we surmised all along.

The Capitol Police knew that an attack on the Capitol Building was coming on

Jan. 6, but didn’t prepare for it and once it started were told to stand down and

not to use even the non-lethal crowd control weapons at their disposal.

According to The New York Times, the Capitol Police were equipped with shields

that shattered on impact because they had been improperly stored in a non-

climate controlled environment. When the Capitol Police went to get more shields

they were locked in a bus and nobody on site had a key. The Capitol Police

looked like Keystone Cops on Jan. 6, but it turns out they were Key-less Cops.

The Capitol Police were also told not to use non lethal devices like flash bang

grenades that could have kept the mob outside the Capitol Building.

In one video you can see a crowd banging on a solid wooden door and suddenly

the door opens and crowd walks down an entrance hall with Capitol Police

officers on either side. The video doesn’t show the Capitol Police officers opening

the door, but since somebody opened the door and Capitol Police officers are the

only ones on the other side, it seems pretty obvious. Also there is no attempt by

the five or six officers lined up in the narrow hallway to stop anyone.

Can these people be charged with trespassing, if the Capitol Police opened the

door, didn’t order them not to come in and made no attempt to stop them from

entering the building? Evidently, they can be charged, but can they be convicted?

It was as we suspected the intent of whoever was calling the shots to allow,

perhaps encourage the mob to get into the building.

Giving credit where credit is due, it was a brilliant yet diabolical plan by the left, to

discredit Trump and it worked to perfection.

Both the left and the right have crazies. All through the summer of 2020 we saw

the crazies on the left rioting in the streets, attacking police and federal buildings

will all sorts of homemade weapons.

The right has crazies also and in this case they were incited to attack the Capitol

by some Antifa infiltrators wearing Trump gear, but who knows how much

instigation the Trump crowd needed.

Then you had the Capitol Police who were putting up token resistance. They

couldn’t just open the doors and let people in, the mob wanted to fight, but the

folks in charge made certain the Capitol Police would lose the battle. They didn’t

provide enough personnel. They didn’t provide the personnel who were there

with proper equipment and denied them the use of the equipment they did have.

It was a set up and it worked. As a result, the left has termed this mob which had

no weapons other than clubs and sticks as attempting an insurrection. The event

is commonly called an insurrection by the MSM, the mob that came hoping to

have a big fight with the Capitol Police suddenly found themselves in the building

with nobody to fight. They ran around, broke some things took selfies and when

told to leave. They left.

But the videos provided the left with a huge stick and they have been beating

Trump over the head with it ever since.

They even got Sen. Mitch McConnell to condemn Trump on the floor of the

Senate. You have to wonder how old Mitch feels now that the evidence he was

duped is out.

Maybe Mitch will send Trump an apology. Yea that’s likely happen right after pigs

fly down to hell for an ice skating party.


I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.