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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

A key aspect of this low-intensity war to destroy the United States is deepening

the racial divide – a divide that had all but disappeared thanks to my generation.

When I first saw this coming – saw what that the enemies of the United States

were actually going to try to stir up this pot once again, my first thought was this

is just to stupid to work, but my second thought was that they certainly must be

desperate for tactics if they think it could ever work after 40 to 50 years of

concentrated effort to wipe racism off the face of America.

But no, when you don’t have any good alternatives, there is little choice but try to

stir the pot again and again, and here it is.

Suddenly, just in the last year, the new buzzword is systemic racism. It’s a

ridiculous lie, but there are few that can talk powerfully enough to slay it in one

sitting – except Dr. Ben Carson.

He appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show on Tuesday to gently blast Cavuto time after

time with arguments that all of us could gently adopt to slay this monster once

and for all.


This is the only nation in the world who fought a Civil War over this issue – a war

that nearly permanently divided the nation, which was exactly what certain

European powers wanted.

[insert from: “You have to realize….

Cavuto then asked a leading question, saying that former New Jersey Governor,

Chris Christie has said that if President Trump enters the 2024 race, he will not.

But the way Cavuto asked the question implied that Christie disliked Trump so

much that he wouldn’t appear on the same stage with him.

Well, the truth of the matter is that Christie won’t bother because if Trump and

Christie were going against each other in a primary, even in New Jersey, Christie

wouldn’t be able to break 20%. Trump will beat him easily.

Cavuto is of the crowd that wants the nation to completely forget about Trump’s

accomplishments in the face of unprecedented coordinated assaults, day after

day by the MSM, the desperado Dems, and the deep state RHINOS who were

out to destroy him at any cost.

[insert from: “There were a lot…”

Dr. Carson was then asked if he thought the 2020 election was fair:

[insert from: “I think it was certainly

Then Cavuto brought up the old Desperado talking point that there have been

enough investigations already.

[insert Cavuto: shot 3 dozen down

Of course this is the coupsters classic fake argument, and Dr. Carson doesn’t

hesitate to reiterate the facts of the matter.


Then Cavuto tries one more time to put worlds into the good doctor’s mouth, but

Carson sidestepped that and blasted out the truth again.



I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.