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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

As usual, on Sunday morning, Maria Bartiromo on Fox hit homeruns with a couple of


The most pertinent was her interview with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Maria pointed out that at the virtual climate change world summit, which included 17 of the

world’s leaders, only Resident Joe Biden was wearing a mask.

Senator Paul offered a new theory on why Biden is wearing a mask.

[insert: from: “Dr. Fauci has now ….” To “… risk of the disease.”

I don’t think you can assert this with authority now. Every day there is a new story about

problems associated with the vaccines. The lack of long-term studies may haunt the medical

community for a long time to come.


Then Maria pointed out something that I didn’t catch. Resident Biden is the only one of the 17

world leaders who is not displaying the flag of their nation in the frame behind them.

Senator Paul then talks about the bigger picture behind the COVID-19 pandemic – how many

of these level-4 virology labs are still conducting gain-of-function research. It servers

absolutely no useful purpose to humankind.

[insert: “There is a huge ethical question about….” To: “… in China or here.”

Whoah! Did Sen. Paul just let some sort of deep secret out of the bag to which he is privy.

What if this gain-of-function virology work is still going on in this country? What if it’s going on

in Iran and Russia – not only China?

Eventually, the next generation of COVID is going to escape – or be used as a weapon – and

the human race may not recover from that one.

[ ending with : “… maybe we shouldn’t be doing that

Boy, is that the understatement of the century! Here is what we must do; all nations have to

agree that gain-of-function research – biological weaponry – has to be stopped. The only way

to do that is to sentence someone to life imprisonment for the war crime of participating in,

funding, or in any other way facilitating further research in gain-of-function on viruses or any

other pathogen.

As of this day, I declare that such research is a war crime punishable by life imprisonment and

historical humiliation for all time. To do anything less is to put all of humanity at an existential