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Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.

I don’t know anything about vaccines, and in particular the Johnson & Johnson

vaccine. For all I know it will make you run faster and jump higher or it might

make your eyelashes fall out.

But I do happen to know a bit about marketing which is evidently something

nobody at the CDC knows anything about. Because they could not have done

much worse on marketing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Some states halted use and then were told by the CDC is was perfectly fine, so

they started using it again, then the CDC said nationwide to stop using it, now at

least as of Tuesday, April 27, 2021, the CDC has changed its mind about the

vaccine again and said it’s safe.

Maybe people who are great believers in the CDC believed them in the

beginning when they said it was safe. When some states ran into problems and

the CDC stepped in and said it was safe, they believed the CDC again.

Then when the CDC said that everyone should stop using the vaccine, they

believed the CDC knew what it was talking about, but now that the CDC is saying

no they were right the first time and wrong the second time, even believers

should be beginning to wonder if the CDC has any idea what it is talking about.

What this probably shows is that there is considerable arguing inside the CDC on

this safety issue.

This is a marketing nightmare. The vaccine is available in three forms now to

anyone who wants it and plenty of people do. And there are people who are anti-

vaccine who will never be vaccinated for anything.

But there is also a large contingent on the fence. They aren’t anti-vaccine but

they have concerns about having a vaccine injected into their body that has not

gone through the normal rigorous testing and approval process. Nobody can

possibly know what effect this vaccine may have on someone in a year or two

years, because the vaccine hasn’t been around that long and that bothers some


It is these people not the anti-vaccine people, but the fence-sitters who the

various health providers in the country are attempting to target. They are trying to

reassure people that millions of people all over the world have been vaccinated

with very few serious problems and deaths.

So the CDC decided to do the opposite of reassure people that everything was

thoroughly tested and safe and panicked. A couple of people had blood clots. If


you injected saline into millions of people, a couple are going to have a bad

reaction. Even if the shot was not at fault, the shot is going to be blamed.

To add even more doubt, Dr. Tony Fauci has admitted that he lied about masks

early in the history of the pandemic. Fauci told the American people that masks

were not effective. Now he admits that he said that because there was a mask


Fauci does not work at the CDC, however, to the majority of Americans, he has

been the television face of medical authority for the last 16 months, despite his

demonstrated lack of transparency.

He could have told the American people that there was a mask shortage and the

masks that were available were needed to be used by healthcare providers. But

he chose not to be honest with the American people. He chose to lie.

If anyone is ever prosecuted for this mess, Dr. Grouchy would be high on my list.

So now the question for fence-sitters is which time is the CDC being honest with

the American people about the vaccine. Did the CDC say to stop using it, really

because they were running low on supplies? Are they telling the truth now that it

is safe and effective?

Fence-sitters just got a big reason to continue to sit on the fence. Maybe in six

months the fence-sitters will decide that the vaccines really are safe, but it is

clear from the past couple of weeks that the CDC at the moment isn’t too sure

about that. Or to be more precise the CDC was sure, then the CDC wasn’t sure

and now the CDC is sure again.

The people who want the vaccine are going to continue to be vaccinated. The

anti-vaccine crowd is going to continue to be anti-vaccine.

And the fence-sitters who might have been convinced to get off the fence and get

vaccinated are now determined to stay on the fence.

If this pandemic proves anything it’s that the CDC is due for a housecleaning.

They need a new crew who knows the value of honesty and perhaps someone

who knows something about marketing.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good Day.