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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

The 2020 election was by any reasonable analysis, unusual.

States passed laws to allow people to vote by mail supposedly because of the

pandemic. They also extended the time for those mail-in ballots to get to the

Board of Elections to be counted days after election day.

In many states the laws passed by the state legislature were set aside and even

more liberal voting laws were enacted by Secretaries of State and by Election

Boards. The necessity for these changes was said to be COVID-19.

Even though the CDC said that voting as long as people wore masks and

adhered to social distancing guidelines – not laws – but guidelines - was not

dangerous, many states relaxed the existing laws about voting to ensure that

people who did not feel comfortable going to the polls and standing in line could

still vote.

The new voting regulations were absolutely needed - it was said over and over in

state after state - because of COVID and not because the existing laws which

encouraged people to vote in person were unfair.

Now, with the pandemic nearly over, the Democrats, particularly as laid out in

their new HR-1 proposal, are saying that these emergency regulations must

become the law of the land and any attempt to go back to the way people voted

before the pandemic is racist because it disenfranchises minority voters.

The result of all the changes encouraging people to vote by mail - was a chaotic

election. Rather than having enough votes counted on election night to declare a

winner, it took days.

The Georgia boards of elections and Secretary of State has so far been unable

to provide chain-of-custody information for over 400,000 ballots. Perhaps in

Georgia, given time, they will find the missing documents, perhaps there are no

missing documents and the election officials can’t prove where or how those

votes were cast. But it seems like five months would be enough to sort

everything out.

Under the pre-pandemic laws the restrictions on absentee voting were strict, to

prevent voter fraud as they should be. If the ballot cannot be linked to a

registered voter, it is far too easy for someone to fill out 100 or 1,000 or 10,000

absentee ballots and stuff them in unmanned drop boxes.

Now, reducing the number of drop boxes which didn’t exist at all before the

pandemic, is labeled “voter suppression”.

In fact, changing any of the regulations that were put in place specifically for

voting during a pandemic, is now labeled, “voter suppression”.

It’s an incredible case of bait and switch. The Democrats said we have to have

these special voting procedures in place because of the pandemic, and now they

are saying that those special procedures have to be permanent because if they

aren’t that is “voter suppression”.

The amazing thing is that some people actually believe it.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good Day.