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Most of us didn’t know what the heck Elon Musk was up to when he first started

launching not one satellite at a time, but 54 at a time, then, on top of that,

sending the Falcon 9 launch vehicle back to earth to land on a huge barge in the

middle of the pitching Atlantic ocean – almost always successfully.

What Starlink is up to is to fill a dire need for high-speed internet services to the entire world and – hopefully – for a fraction of the current price. Right now, only a

small percentage of the planet has high-speed internet – just the wealthy and

well-populated areas.

What is high-speed internet speed? The Federal Communications Commission

(FCC) defines high-speed internet as 25 megabits per second down and 3 Mbps


SpaceX promises that download speeds will hit 210 and presumably the same

for upload speeds. That’s faster than 95% of existing internet connections in the

U.S. right now. ...