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Good morning, I’m still reporting on good news for Ivermectin use against COVID

– if you live in China!


According to a new report in yesterday’s TrialSite News, China has just passed a

new law that allows for the first time by law the off label use of many drugs,

including Ivermectin for COVID.


The change in Chinese laws was reported in China’s Pharma DJ and is based on

the Chinese Pharmacological Society’s definition of acceptable practice for off-

label drug use. The new law stipulates that:


“…when no effective treatments are available, physicians may upon patient

consent, use drugs in a way that is not indicated in the package insert but is

supported by medical evidence.”


According to TrialSite News, the new law merely codifies what has become

acceptable practice in Chinese hospitals and among physicians for some time.


“A recent survey by the Chinese Pharmacological Society reveals that 24

hospitals, representing half of the respondents, support off-label prescribing.…

hospitals recorded 1,652 off-label uses of 998 drugs, mostly indicated for

oncology, immunomodulatory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, and

infectious disease.”


But another reason for the change is that China wanted to bring itself more in line

with once-sacrosanct practices in Western medicine where clinical trials were

conducted to determine the truth behind safety and efficacy of drugs for the

public benefit, instead of manipulating the results for political and financial



Chinese medical authorities, are attempting to end-run these badly corrupted

tenets of Western medicine, and that will make China more respected and

therefore more competitive in the global market for clinical trials.


The United States is currently the world’s largest pharmaceutical market in the



I’m still reporting from the soon-to-be-restored citadel of world freedom. Good