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I’m still reporting on the coup.

It sounds like an episode from the Twilight Zone from 60 years ago – yes, it has

been that long.


Years from now, when – or if - medicine does return to being governed by the

search for truth – medical researchers will look back on this period in

astonishment that humanity allowed itself to be so blinded by this worldwide

attack on freedoml.


But from our current perspective, we face an enemy never before seen, and

rarely imagined, and that’s why it is so difficult to get your arms around the scale

of this latest attempt at world domination – CCP style.


Communist China has not hidden the fact that they believe they can dominate

the world in a few years. Their plan is very far advanced because they have been

going about it quietly for two or three decades now.


Look how effectively they have been able to hide the truth about COVID – it’s

origins and its treatments. There is so much conflicting information, even long-

time reporters have trouble sorting facts from disinformation.


Under this cloud of propaganda, what if COVID was only the initial cover for a

much more advanced bio-weapons gambit delivered in upgraded new salvos

every few months?


Alex Berenson was a former reporter for the New York Times. He has followed

the COVID plandemic as closely as anyone and written a series of 4 books along

the way called “Unreported Truths About COVID-19, parts 1-4. He has now put

out a summary version which he claims takes only 20 minutes to read.


He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night.


Could this be the result of COVID, or could it even be the result of ongoing bio-

warfare hiding beneath the dense cloud of COVID disinformation. We are

nowhere close to knowing.


But remember, Trump is coming, his supporters – worldwide - will be legion.


I’m still reporting from the soon-to-be restored citadel of world freedom. Good