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The people of the world are sick and tired of being set against each other by powerful criminals who want us divided so they can continue to rape, steal from and exploit us.


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In this episode of The Silent War:


More Marines Booted For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccines.


FOIA docs reveal Pfizer shot caused avalanche of miscarriages, stillborn babies.


“You Need to Get Your Booster in Order to Be Up to Date” – Walensky Says

Definition of Fully Vaccinated is Being Changed to Include Covid Booster.


Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a

Registration Date of 1/1/1918 – 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020.


Fake Fox News' Greatest Asset, Sean Hannity, the man that sleptwalk a large

percentage of American Republicans through the last few years, also texted

McEnany “No More Stolen Election Talk”.


New York Governor Hochul Signs Bill to Allow Mail-in Voting in 2022 Election, so

she can win an election.


MLK's niece accuses Biden of playing the race card.


Gettr censors, Gab doesn't.


All of this, and more.