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I’m still reporting on the coup.

Over the years, there have been so many false predictions about the fate of the

U.S. dollar that I’ve pretty much tuned out on them. To me, it is clear that

Republicans will sweep the House and Senate races on Nov. 8, then they will be

able to successfully prevent Biden from doing much more damage until Trump

can return as President, followed by decades of Republican presidents. That is

my priority up to the coming election.


However, Biden may have another trick up his sleeve, and that is to announce a

digital dollar called the CBDC, which stands for Central Bank Digital Currency.

The Federal Reserve has supported research into this new form of money and

that alone makes me suspicious that it’s just another trick to keep the money

power consolidated under the Fed’s roof – a power that has been threatened by

Bitcoin and other cryptos in recent years.


However, serial entrepreneur and talk show host, Clay Clark, sees a much darker

side to the introduction of the CBDC, and thinks Biden may skip over the slow-

moving federal bureaucracy and implement a very dangerous version of the

CBDC by yet another overuse of executive orders. Let’s call it the Brandon Buck.


[insert Clay to “… specifically E.O. 14067]]


First of all, Katherine Austin Fitts may be a “financial guru”, but she is not in any

way an expert in the “monetary reform” movement – which involves what really

needs to be done to fix the debt money system. But in the following clip, she

makes good points about what the money masters are after in the adoption of

the CBDC.


[insert Clay to: “… beginning Dec. 13]


Well, that’s because that is apparently not the case. The much-quoted E.O.

14067 says nothing about the Dec. 13 date, in fact, quite the contrary. I’ve read

the entire 15-page E.O. 14067. All it does is to call for the creation of a very-

complex decision “framework”, spelling out the responsibilities of numerous

branches of the federal government in moving towards a decision on whether to

adopt the CBDC or not. This only calls for a feasibility study.


According to Federal Reserve Chairman Powell, the Fed is going to move very

slowly in studying this. This is from March 23, 2021:


[insert Powell + Clay to: “… every dollar is being spent.”]


I’m no fan of Chairman Powell, however, that’s not what he just said. He was

contrasting the secrecy of Bitcoin, where all the power is vested in Bitcoin

holders, to the Chinese system, which is a total 1984-esque system where the

government can spy on everything.


[insert to: “I don’t like anything that can be printed.]


Then obviously, he would not trust the oldest and most successful form of money

in the history of this country, the United States Note. It was the original form of

sovereign money that allowed American colonists to break away from England.


What’s the difference? The quantity of money in circulation under the U.S. dollar

is controlled by the Federal Reserve System – a privately-owned quasi-banking,

quasi-federal owned monopoly over money creation.


Under the United States Note, the quantity of money in circulation is controlled

by a vote of the United States Congress – the closest representatives of we, the

people at the federal level. You may not like the recent actions of Congress, but

at least we can vote them out every so often. When was the last time you got to

vote on who ran the Federal Reserve System?


The problem with this proposed CBDC system is it can be seen as nothing more

that the actualization of the Biblical system of the Beast – totally totalitarian –

poisonous to any form of freedom – equally as bad as the Chinese system, if not



This is no big secret. Here is the Wikipedia entry for CBDT:


“Centralization: Since most central bank digital currencies are centralized, rather

than decentralized like most cryptocurrencies, the controllers of the issuance of

CBDCs can add or remove money from anyone's account with a flip of a switch.”


Yikes, that’s all I need to know. What has made America free?

It is the first nation in history that was founded on maximizing decentralization.

The separation of powers concept is the primary example of maximal

decentralization, which is built into every structural member of the United States



On that basis alone, this new Biden Executive order will surely fail a test that

reaches the U.S. Supreme Court. Will that stop Biden from trying? Probably not,

but that is a lawless practice by a mindlessly lawless resident in chief.


[insert Clay again – to “… keep going….”]


My live response was lame, so I’m inserting a correct response here.

If the Fed was a legit organization – one acting in the best interests of we, the

people, it would have Congress order the Treasury to simply order the production

and distribution of more Federal Reserve Notes. Sovereign nations have the

absolute right – even the duty - to create its own sovereign money in the best

interests of the people of that nation – not necessarily the banker class of that



What the Fed does is it creates U.S. bonds and other notes – debt instruments –

and sells them into the open market. Yes, they get to put the cash into the U.S.

Treasury for Congress to spend, but guess what, those bonds have interest

attached to them. That’s what makes people buy them in the first place.


This interest is totally unnecessary. New money should be simply spent into the

economy by the government without tacking on interest payments. That is the

number one problem with the Federal Reserve System.


I was asked to produce a white paper by someone close to President Donald

Trump in 2017, on what I would do to eliminate the national debt. Simple, you

just reverse this process the Fed is using today. Buy back all the bonds, T-bills,

and notes, but do not repay in Federal Reserve notes. That doesn’t help the

country work its way out of the debt problem. What you do is to redeem the

bonds as they come due. They range from very short-term notes and T-bills, with

terms of months, to very long term bonds of 20 years or more. But here’s the

trick. You make payment when the government redeems the bonds, notes and

bills, using U.S. Notes – valid U.S. money which is created without such debt.


I calculated that if Trump implemented this system, he could repay 80-90% of the

U.S. debt by the end of his second term. I understand that Trump did read my

white paper, but I never heard back from him. He probably figured that he didn’t

need all the commercial bankers as enemies as this would cut into their profits,

and he didn’t need any more enemies.


I don’t fault Clay for getting this stuff mixed up. It’s complex and it’s taken me

years to get this all straight. He’s got a good heart and pure motives. The bottom

line is yes, the bad guys are trying to implement the mark of the Beast, without

which no man will be able to buy or sell, but no, this is not happening on Dec. 13,



Clay’s events are huge successes, frequently featuring Gen. Flynn and Cash

Patel. The next one is in October in Mannheim, Pennsylvania. I think Beth and I

will try to go to that one, or maybe the Branson, Missouri one.


[insert Clay


I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom. Good day.