I’m still reporting on good news on COVID.

According to this morning’s Epoch Times - which is fast replacing the New York

Times as THE newspaper of record – a new 8-month study shows that those

who contracted COVID-19 disease still maintained strong immunity long after.


According to the study’s lead author, Rafi Ahmed, director of the Emory Univ.

Vaccine Center:


“The study serves as a framework to define and predict long-lived immunity to

SARS-CoV-2 after natural infection. We also saw indications in this phase that

natural immunity could continue to persist,”


This is good news for those who have been tested positive for the presence of

COVID antibodies as it should reassure those who haven’t contracted COVID

that they have nothing to fear from those who have.


But the question is how long does it persist and how strong is the immunity?


According to Dr. Ahmed:


“We saw that antibody responses, especially IgG antibodies, were not only

durable in the vast majority of patients but decayed at a slower rate than

previously estimated, which suggests that patients are generating longer-lived

plasma cells that can neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.”