Exactly what the title says !!

LINK TO #GiveSendGo PLEASE DONATE : https://www.givesendgo.com/FreedomConvoy2022


#GiveSendGo seems to be a #CHRISTIAN fundraising site…. #GoFigure ! I’ve

always said this is a #SpiritualWar between Good and Evil, and with each

passing day, it proves to be more and more true. Here’s some more footage and

TRUTHS the lying Mainstream Media won’t tell you along with a version of

#BuffaloSpringfield #ForWhatItsWorth that I re-wrote and re-arranged for this

historical moment. Please watch the original in the description of the video !


#Gofundme has now officially shut down the funding for the Canadian

#FreedomConvoy2022 ! Of course there is ZERO evidence for the supposed

‘’reasons’’ of shutting this down. It’s political pressure with threats of lawsuits and

phony reports from ‘’police chiefs’’ and crooked politicians who want to keep the

scam going. Here’s more VIDEO EVIDENCE that proves that the entire narrative

being presented by the Mainstream Media is a fabrication. There are MULTIPLE

livestreams that last SEVERAL HOURS that demonstrate the VERY PEACEFUL

& LOVING nature of this convoy and their supporters.

#ConvoyForFreedom #CanadaConvoy #Convoy