I look so forward to this topic being shared. I knew Shawn Hornbeck as a child in

the small Missouri town where he was taken from. I cant explain to you that once

he was taken...that town was never gonna be the same. It was the Shawn

Hornbeck case whick later also became the Ben Ownby case when the same

piece of human waste kidnapped Ben Ownby , most have attested that he was

going to replace Shawn with Ben by killing Shawn and beginning all over again

with a younger Ben Ownby. Thank God a policeman spotted a truck matching the

description that a fellow schoolmate of Ben Ownby's had described just days

before. The policemen went to the door...and our poor Shawn Hornbeck opened

the door and told the police who he really was and he got to go home along with

Ben Ownby going back to his parents. This pile of sludge that took and raped

these boys managed a very popular PIZZA restaurant right there in the suburbs

of St.Louis, Mo. only about 60 miles from either kidnapped boys homes...they

were hidden in plain sight. I haven't had the pleasure of speaking with or seeing

Shawn in many years now. But I hear he got caught up on his schooling at an

amazing rate and lives a normal and happy life now by the grace of God and at

much cost. I pray this man's story ends on a happier ending and that he continue

the mission of something like The Sean Hornbeck Foundation that helped search

for missing and exploited children and adults. Regardless, I'm just glad this topic

is being discussed again. God bless !