MedeeaGreere: July 9th, 2023 

Breaking News: Russia Confirms Launch of Gold-Backed “BRICS” Currency –

BRICS Gold-Backed Currency, a Shockwave for the Global Economy or a Time

Bomb for the US Dollar? (video)


In an unprecedented move that echoes through the corridors of global financial

powerhouses, Russia, in coalition with the BRICS nations, has unveiled a

pathbreaking plan to introduce a gold-backed trading currency. This audacious

undertaking promises to shake the very foundations of our existing financial world



Could this be the end of the omnipresent US dollar’s reign, or might this provoke

a chain of cataclysmic events that could plunge the world into chaos? Let’s dive

into the depths of this unfolding financial drama.


The state-run Russian Television (RT) has sent shockwaves through international

finance circles by confirming the launch of a new trading currency backed by

gold. . .