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Darkness2Light.net is a news consolidator of information

documenting the progress and status of President Donald J.

Trump and his stated goal of "Making America Great Again"

(MAGA) and freeing us forever from the "Deep State" and

the  "Global Cabal".

This can be summarized as implementing "The Plan".


President Trump, I believe, not different from most

presidents  before him, was selected by a high level elite

to vote for as a  candidate during the 2016 election.

But in his case he was  selected by a high ranking group

of military (Generals and  Admirals) rather than the usual

well connected political and  financial hierarchy. 

He was certainly not a mainline conservative Republican

and had much to overcome their collective resistance to

his candidacy.


Who these high level military are is not known... but as 

the administration has progressed to date many could be

suggested as possible participants. The important question is

why did these high level military do this? The accepted

notion is that they were upset with the Obama administration

over the  huge cuts in military spending, as well as, a

perceived  or actual  mismanagement- or misuse- of our

forces during his administration (and that of the previous


In addition,  they were also aware and alarmed at the depth

to which an international criminal Cabal had infiltrated our

own governmental, financial, business and social institutions.

That, in the  form of a “Deep State” shadow government,

unconstitutional lawlessness and treason are the rule of the


These heroic leaders decided to approach and select Donald

J. Trump as the candidate for president of the United States

of America with the actual intent and expectation of elimina-

ting this international Cabal, and re-establishing law and

order  in  the USA.


The rest of the story is becoming history.


We here at Darkness2light.net believe in, respect, and

  support  these heroes.

We believe in and support President Donald J. Trump.

We believe in and support the “MAGA” movement.

We understand and appreciate that not all can be told to us

in advance, and that sometimes dis-information is necessary.

We love and support the many wonderful followers 

and news producers in this movement.


So who is this ubiquitous “we”?



I am Richard L. Page, author, creator, producer, and 

administrator of Darkness2Light.net.

I was born in the mid-west, Abilene, Kansas to be specific.

I grew up on the same street as President Gen. Dwight D.

Eisenhower (“Ike”). Eisenhower visited, a couple of times

during my youth. I do remember him. This, in and of itself,

was a formative experience in my early life. Remember

President Eisenhower was the first to warn us of the military-

industrial complex.


But there was much more; having been born in 40s, I grew

up in the 50s in- and during- one of the most idealistic times

in our history and in an almost pastoral environment.


It was a time and place where you knew almost everyone

in town; people did leave their doors unlocked and left

keys in the car. You could- and did- walk across the whole

town in your bare feet. And when the street lamps came on

you knew it was time to be home. It was true that we knew

each other well enough that if you were into something

nefarious, you were in deep trouble by the time you got back



But even with that there were higher expectations from

parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, church, business

leaders and employers... and then of course from yourself!


And so, you did succeed... at least I did. I have a B.S. degree

from Kansas State University, and a M.S. degree in mathe-

matics from Emporia State University.


I did not serve in our military, but I did perhaps the best

thing for me. I became employed by the military-aerospace-

contractors. I have worked for Martin-Marietta, Lockheed

Missile and Space, The BDM Corporation, System Sciences

Inc., Computer Science Corporation, and then back to The

BDM Corporation where I retired at 48 years old as the Chief

Scientist of the Leavenworth, KS office. I then ran my own

computer consulting company, Page1 Inc., for 16 years

serving local and Kansas City Metropolitan Area businesses.


While in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, I served at

Pentagon with customers like the Defense Communications

Agency; J5; Studies and Analysis Gaming Agency; and the

Weapon Systems Evaluation Group; and others.

I had some of the highest security clearance designations.

know what a Special Access Program is and have had that

kind of access.


So why am I doing this?

I believe that this is a once in a lifetime experience.

I believe that we will never have this opportunity again.

I want to support this movement.

I want to use my talents to the best advantage that I can.

I think that a website consolidating published data

from select sources that document the status, current hopes

and  thoughts of those following the movement is useful to

the community of followers and to others.


Blessings to all, both the awakened and those still in slumber,

Rick Page

webmaster, Darkness2Light.net


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