MSOM: May 14th, 2024 In this thought-provoking episode of "Making Sense of the Madness," host Jason Bermas is joined by Marc Girardot, author of "The Needle Secret: Unraveling the Mystery of Vaccine Harm and the Bogus Theory Revolution." Girardot, transitioning from a corporate career at Cisco to in-depth vaccine research, discusses his findings on the adverse effects of vaccines, particularly highlighting the issues with COVID-19 vaccines. He shares how discrepancies in COVID-19 death rates sparked his interest, leading him to explore the historical and ongoing issues associated with vaccine-induced illnesses. Girardot criticizes modern vaccination methods, particularly RNA and DNA vaccines, for their potential to cause systemic health problems, and suggests alternatives like needle-less technologies. Throughout the episode, he calls for a reevaluation of global vaccination strategies, emphasizing the need for improved safety measures and advocating for a healthcare approach that prioritizes individual well-being over pharmaceutical profits. This episode provides a comprehensive overview of Girardot's critical perspectives on vaccination and its implications for public health.
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