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That Chinese spy balloon was finally shot down off the coast of South Carolina

after it had completed its primary mission successfully, to test just what the

American response would be to subsequent fly-overs of the U.S.


It pinpointed targetable radars across some highly sensitive defense systems

across the northern tier of the U.S., as they lit up to follow the progress of the

250-foot diameter balloon.


Joe Biden refused to shoot the spy balloon down before it could complete the

reconnaissance portion of its mission, The question is why?




What could that surprise attack be? At this point China can’t mount an actual

invasion force in a customary kinetic warfare model. Why? Because the U.S.

Navy is still so dominant in the Pacific that every Chinese ship of the invasion

force would be sunk before it passed Hawaii at this point.


However, there is one single weapon China could use to completely decimate

the U.S. in a single day – an electromagnetic pulse nuke brought over our nation

by another high-flying balloon could catch the nation by surprise.


EMP nukes are not intended to kill millions of civilians by the blast, however the

blast is engineered to produce the maximum amount of electromagnetic pulse

which would fry all delicate electronics for many hundreds of miles under the

detonation, and thereby collapse most, if not all, of the American power grid,

which would take months to years to repair. It could literally plunge the U.S. back

into the 1800s in one day.