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Joe M: The Best Is Yet To Come


The people of the world are sick and tired of being set against each other by powerful criminals who want us divided so they can continue to rape, steal from and exploit us.


Bloody Hill
The Seven Abominations of January 6

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In this episode of The Silent War: 

Durham Investigation: Trial Starts for Former Clinton Atty. Sussmann Who

Successfully Used Corrupt FBI Against President Trump in Russia Collusion



Elon Musk Responds to Project Veritas Undercover Video of Twitter Engineer

Admitting ‘We Are All Commie as F*ck.’


Here We Go Again – Unexpected ‘Error’ with Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania.


Project Veritas: Twitter Lead Client Partner Mocks Elon Musk, Says Woke

“Ideology” Responsible For Company’s Inability to “Profit.”


Biden’s “Minster of Truth” Nina Jankowicz Participated in Secret NATO-Funded

Cabal to Subvert Western Democracies Using Disinformation as Cover - but now

she's resigned and this atempt at a ministry of truth was shut down.


Sean Hannity Smears Peaceful Trump Supporters Marching Down the Street on

Jan. 6 in Hit Piece on Republican Kathy Barnette.


MSNBC Does It Again – Pushes Fake Ukraine War Coverage – This Time Their

Expert Analyst Shares Video Game.


2 years Into Democrat Rule, Infant Children Hospitalized After Parents Cannot

Find Enough Baby Formula Amid Nationwide Shortages.


School District of Philadelphia Teachers Attend Transgender Groomer

Conference on “Kink,” “BDSM,” “Trans Sex,” “Bigger D*ck Energy” – Directed to