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Confirmed: The spy balloon hovering over Montana right now, violating U.S.

sovereign airspace, in fact, belongs to China. The communist nation claims it is

not a spy balloon but instead a simple weather balloon. This balloon carries

equipment the size of multiple buses. That’s not for forecasting the weather.

That’s a spy balloon.


Montana is home to multiple U.S. military sites that house nuclear weapons. And

China is violating our airspace to collect intelligence on our defense capabilities.

And now that we know it’s a Chinese spying aircraft, what is the response from

the White House? Secretary of State Antony Blinken has canceled his upcoming

visit to China.


The Pentagon says it is allowing the balloon, which carries heavy surveillance

equipment, to hover for the time being because shooting it down could endanger

Americans. According to the Biden Administration, the balloon doesn’t qualify as

an immediate threat since it doesn’t have weapons capabilities.


How is the Biden Administration not seeing the obvious? It is a clear and present

threat to our national security. And President Biden is sitting on his hands,

watching the balloon float over crucial military installations.


ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy and former acting

Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell was adamant that President Biden

has an obligation to the American people to bring this device down safely and

collect whatever intelligence we can find:


"Well, first of all, it is a very serious threat. It is not the first time, whether defense

or intelligence officials are going to admit it. This happens fairly regularly. The

Chinese are very aggressive about data collection. And so the threat of having

them take pictures, listen to what’s happening, [and] collect information is a very

serious threat. When the United States had a drone that went off course, and the

Chinese recovered it, they spent about six months taking it apart before they sent

it back to us. They collected information on us. They found very serious methods

that we were using to collect information. We must shoot that balloon down and

all other balloons that come into our airspace to be able to evaluate it, take it

apart, and understand what the Chinese are using to listen to us."


We have the capability to take it down safely. Meanwhile, we all sit, watchfully

waiting for the Biden Administration to do something as the balloon continues to

record and relay more information back to Communist China. It’s embarrassing.


Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more discussion of the discovery of this

Chinese spy balloon over U.S. airspace and the President’s lack of action.